Passion Info

We are so excited for Passion 2020! If it’s your first time, this will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Start praying now in anticipation of what God will do in your heart!

For information about Passion, click here. For Passion FAQ, click here.

Here’s the information you’ll need:
Departure from MZBC: December 31, 10:00am
Return to MZBC: January 2, 6:00pm
What to bring:

  • Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes for 2 days – There is no need to over pack. Once we leave the house in the morning, we won’t return until the end of the day.
  • Toiletries
  • Snacks
  • Something to eat for breakfast
  • Bible, Notebook, Pen
  • Money for 5 meals, merch (Mercedes-Benz Stadium is cashless)

Where are we staying? Click Here. It will be a tight fit, but we’re only at the house to sleep and eat breakfast. Be prepared to get to know each other.

Details about the Stadium:

  • The stadium accepts card and mobile payments only. Cash will not be accepted there.
  • The stadium has a clear bag policy. You can read more about it at the FAQ link above.
  • Outside food and beverage is not allowed. Concession stands will be open throughout the weekend.

To communicate throughout the weekend, we’ll use GroupMe, so download the app if you don’t have it.

If I’m forgetting anything, please reach out to me!