Christmas Musical 2016 “Zoe”

December 10, 2016 – December 11, 2016

“Zoe” is the fictional story of life, barriers, and the human condition. It’s the story of real life issues among the friends at Grace Community Church, even leading up to their big “Christmas Musical Spectacular” that they put on every year.  

From their story, we are reminded of how we all have our issues. The problem, is, instead of turning them over to God for His glory and our own health, we bottle them up, and put up social walls. We want everyone to think we’re okay; we have it all together; our lives are picture perfect.

Zoe, based upon the greek word ζωή or “zōḗ” (meaning “life”), is a misunderstood teenage girl who is on a quest to finding out who she really is, and what life is all about. She represents the marathon run we’re all on—finding out who God is and what life is all about.

While getting to know the characters from Grace Community Church, we take off on a musical journey to understanding what life is all about: God’s greatness in the midst of our brokenness. When we come to Him broken, transparent, and face-down, we learn that He is a sovereign God, and that, even in our brokenness, He is good.

We hope you come out on December 10 and 11 at 6 pm to see this year’s Christmas musical, “Zoe: Life Happens!”