Worship is all about responding to God where we are and telling Him all that He’s worth! Surely, we can do that through music! At Mount Zion, we use a few different ministry teams to lead our church family, as we seek to respond to Him continually through musical worship. These ministry teams are as follows:

Worship Choir

Worship Choir is the perfect place for you to begin as a worship leader. It is a community of people passionate about worshipping the Lord with all of their hearts and all of their abilities. Our choir is made up of people with varying skill sets and from varying backgrounds and generations. Many read music, and many sing by ear too. No matter your skill level, we are more concerned about your heart to see people discipled through music ministry. We would love for you to join our team! Please fill out this application to join the choir! Rehearsals: Wednesday at 7:35 pm

Worship Band

Another team that helps serve our church while we worship with music are those involved in our worship band ministry. Currently, we have two separate band teams that serve: the Nehemiah team and the Kairos team. The bands serve our church and our Lord along side our choir as they play a variety of instruments. The band currently includes instrumentalists such as: acoustic guitarists, bass guitarists, electric guitarists, pianists, percussionists, as well as other keyboardists (organ, pads, synth). The band also includes vocalists who are passionate about leading others in worship and learning more about how to lead the body through music. (auditions are tri-yearly) Contact the church office for more information. Rehearsals: Nehemiah team— Sundays at 9 am and 3 pm; Kairos team—Sundays at 5 pm

Zion City (a cappella worship team)

For those worshippers who just can’t get enough of singing to the Lord and using their talents to minister to others, there is Zion City. This is an auditioned a cappella ministry team that exists to shine the light of the gospel into the world every chance they get. With their aim as special events (both community and state-wide), Zion City serves our church periodically by surprising us with stellar, a cappella harmonies of both modern and more traditional songs. The most interesting thing about this group is that they create their own renditions of these age-old and brand-new songs. Contact the church office for more information. (auditions are bi-yearly) Rehearsals: Mondays at 5:30 pm

Finding Zion (creative ministries team)

Have you ever shared the gospel through music made with trash cans? We have! Finding Zion is a creative ministries team made of teenagers. From singing to orchestral arrangements made with objects you’d find in your garage, to sign language and drama, we do it all! We love finding brand new ways to share age old truths. If you are a young person in 6th to 12th grade, or know someone that is, we’d love to have you serve on our team! Contact the church office for more information. Rehearsals: Sundays at 4 pm

Youth Worship Band

We are so blessed to have gifted teenagers who are eager to learn more about how to lead their generation in worship through music. From vocalists to guitarists to drummers, our youth band seeks to serve the Lord through music. Contact the church office for more information. Rehearsals: Wednesdays at 5 pm

Kidz Worship Choir

Led by Mrs. Crystal Yates and Mrs. Jenny Carroll, our Kid’s Worship Choir seeks to teach children how to worship God with their hearts! While teaching the kids about basic music theory, musical notations, and singing, the kid’s choir spends much time explaining why worshipping God from their personal heart is so important. If your child would like to learn more about worshipping the Lord, we would love to have them join our team! Contact the church office for more information. Rehearsals: Wednesdays at 5:45 pm

55+ Worship Choir

Our 55+ ministry developed a heart to minister to others with music and that’s where it all started! About once a month, this team goes out into the community and loves on and encourages others through music, particularly at nursing homes. We would love to have anyone join us to serve with this ministry team. Contact the office for more information. Rehearsals: no weekly rehearsals

We want to serve with YOU!

Whether you are interested in singing or playing an instrument, we want you to know that you are not alone. If you are not yet confident enough to play or sing on one of our teams, our Worship Pastor would love to spend time with you to develop your skill. There is always a place for YOU to join in serving, even if it is during a season of preparation until you are confident enough to take the next step. If you are interested in getting help with your skill set, contact our Worship Pastor, Jon Tyler White, at our church office.